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    I am under the door
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    Xingyue Wonderland, who has just ascended the throne of Xingyue Wonderland, is discussing the battle between immortals and demons with the streamer emperor in Ziyang Palace. As well as some questions about the management of Xingyue Wonderland. The streamer emperor has been in the fairyland of stars and moons for so many years, and the absolute love immortal emperor is just a female bird. There is one thing you must remember! The streamer emperor had a serious face, and the absolute love immortal emperor could not help but be awestruck. When you succeed in crossing the robbery, you must not attack the other three realms! "Hm?"? Why The immortal emperor of absolute love was stunned. This is the rule of the divine world. Those who succeed in crossing the plunder are already gods. God is not allowed to interfere in the affairs of heaven. That's why I didn't attack the people of the demon world. In the same way, if someone in the demon world or the demon world or the Buddhist world succeeds in crossing the robbery, they can't attack the other three realms, otherwise those big people in the divine world will blame them, or involve the divine world, then the trouble will be big! "Oh, I see!" The emperor of absolute love was relieved, and he didn't know it was the Year of the Ox until he was robbed and ascended. Lv Xing! During the conversation, a voice full of majesty suddenly sounded in the sky of Ziyang Palace. Strangely, the voice was very loud, but it was only heard by the Streamer Emperor and the Love Immortal Emperor in the same hall. Delete concave muscle 8 reward update Xiaoyue reading good place to hear this I do not know how many thousands of years ago after hearing once deeply impressed in the brain voice,interactive flat panel display , streamer emperor cold can not help but a spirit. The robe book is concave, the new first station is four, and the sun is shining, "Lord God!" With a tremor in his heart, the streamer emperor hurriedly said to the inexplicable immortal emperor beside him, "Come with me to the outside of the temple!" With that,electronic board for classroom , the streamer emperor was slightly flustered and came to the outside of the hall with the absolute love immortal emperor. The soldiers guarding the outside of the hall saw the streamer emperor and the absolute love immortal emperor coming out. Before they had time to salute, the streamers emperor had rushed to the open corridor below the steps of the hall and bowed in the confused eyes of a group of soldiers, but there was no one in front of the streamers emperor. Absolute love immortal emperor confused, but see streamer emperor in front of the space fluctuations, followed quietly, a circular space crack suddenly appeared in front of everyone. The dark space crack is like the most mysterious black hole in the thunder, full of the destructive breath that devours everything. From time to time, the energy turbulence leaked from the edge of the space rift was enough to kill all the soldiers who witnessed it. When they were surprised, a middle-aged man walked out slowly from the space crack, followed by the automatic suture of the space crack behind the man, and came out from the space crack. Such a strange scene once again shocked people including the absolute love immortal emperor. In addition to the bright man wearing a blue robe, 75 inch smart board ,smart board touch screen , his eyebrows exude the momentum of not being angry. Even the king's spirit of the streamer emperor, who has been in a high position for many years, is dwarfed by it. Lv Xing has seen Lord God! The streamer emperor saluted the man respectfully. Get up. "" In the past, the rare respect of the superior streamer emperor was only exchanged for the man's casual and tepid reply. The first stop of the update of the robe book bar was in front of the man. The streamer emperor dared not make the slightest mistake. He straightened up and waited respectfully for the man to speak. The man did not pay too much attention to the streamer emperor, but locked his eyes on the streamer emperor standing beside him, with an expressionless face but staring back at his absolute love immortal emperor. The absolute love immortal emperor did not know who was the person who suddenly appeared and was called "God envoy" by the streamer emperor. The only thing he knew was that the man was a master, a master of the world, just like his Shibo, not only because the man could safely walk out of the space crack, but also because of an intuition. "Mmm.". Did you give him the axe? The man looked at the absolute love immortal emperor. Said to the streamer emperor's words but let the absolute love immortal emperor heart a surprised, this man actually has any magic weapon on his body can see through. "Yes, absolute love, this is the Lord of God from the divine world.". See you soon. The robe book concave renewal first station Yang, Yang such as 8 summer new small slough threshold reading good place absolute love immortal emperor this just realizes originally this appearance not to raise actually is not the world master's man unexpectedly is the divine world person.
    Not caring what his status was, he bowed to the man and imitated the appearance of the Streamer Emperor and said, "I have seen the Lord God in absolute love!" "Uh-huh.". Get up! The man's attitude is still very indifferent. It seemed that in his eyes, the top figures in the fairy world, such as the Emperor of Streamer and the Emperor of Absolute Love, were not much different from the stunned soldiers in the distance. "Dazun knew that you had been robbed, so he asked me to bring him under his door. At the same time, he asked me to tell you.". When you ascend to the divine world. Then you can go back to the Taiqing Palace to hear Dazun open the altar and preach. Yes, thank you, Lord God, thank you, Dazun. "" The streamer emperor smiled and seemed to have heard something happy, but the absolute love immortal emperor beside him was curious about the "Dazun" in the man's mouth. Of course, he knew that even if he didn't ask, the man from the divine world in front of him would tell himself. Sure enough. The man then said, "The axe has been passed on. You kneel down to receive the order.". Ignorance. The streamer emperor did not hesitate to kneel down to the man first, the absolute love immortal emperor was confused and did not know what to do, suddenly found that his body did not listen to his command, then kneel down with the streamer emperor. Follow. All the soldiers around the hall, without exception, knelt down. Only the man stood proudly in the crowd. Pass on Dazun's will, and now give the axe to the absolute love, and accept the position of Lv Xing. As the new manager of Xingyue Wonderland, at the same time,interactive panel board , I am under the door of Taiqing Palace. In the future, it will ascend to the divine world. You can go back to the Taiqing Palace to meet Dazun. "With respect to the great order!" Absolute love immortal emperor slightly hesitated, then learn to streamer emperor respectfully received orders.

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