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    Things are really weird
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    Things are really weird. Is this woman a masochist? The more you scold her, the happier she is? She suddenly kissed me on the cheek and said sweetly to me, "It's really the man I like." I was so frightened that I touched my face in a panic. What rice? Is he really a sadist! I think it's pretty close. "With this girl's beauty, there are many people who want to chase me, but none of them are manly." Regardless of whether the first half of her sentence is true or not, does the second half mean that I am very manly? "It's decided that you are my boyfriend!" She didn't even give me a chance to have a good time. She made a surprising remark, which made me stare and wondered if I had heard it wrong. Hello hello! Don't just help me decide things! When I came to my senses to speak, it seemed too late. Just when I didn't know what to do, the savior finally appeared! Fang Qingxue is the chief of the discipline unit in the class. As far as her duty is concerned, she should not acquiesce in the commotion here. She pushed aside the crowd and joined the battle. She said to the woman, "This classmate, the morning self-study has begun. Please don't continue to make noise in our class." She raised her chin and gently pointed her little finger at Fang Qingxue and said, "Yo!"! You are his'? ". Fang Qingxue responded rudely: "So what if it is, so what if it is not!" "If it's not you, just cool off.". If so, you'd better be sensible and break up with Qiao Feng quickly. I seem to see a flash of lightning in their burning eyes staring at each other. As the initiator,faux ficus tree , how can I stand by and do nothing? But I don't know what to say. "Give me a little time to think about it." According to Sun Tzu's Art of War, this is called a "delaying tactic". It's just that the "male soul" in my heart has suffered a fatal blow. Oh my God! At this point, I actually said the special lines of the tragic heroine in the comic book.

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