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    "Your Highness, it's time forKou Zhen's legs were so weak that he almost knelt down. His heart is roaring crazily, Jun Jun! What are you doing here! Although the epidemic has improved recently,digital touch screen board , it is not the turn of the lady in the capital to rush in, not to mention the "lady". Come on in. Kou Zhen tried to keep a straight face and his head was as big as hemp. Ying Zhi stepped forward quickly, crossed several bodyguards, and walked to Kou Zhen's side. Where is Zixia? Ying Zhi, regardless of the exhaustion of running around for days, asked hurriedly, "He." Are you all right? Kou really felt his head was bigger. Who on earth told the county king that his Highness was here? His Royal Highness. Kou Zhen hesitated to speak. "You'd better go and see for yourself." Ying Zhi saw Kou Zhen frowning together, and his little face turned pale. Burning with anxiety,interactive touch screens education , she hurriedly followed Kou Zhen to the front of the tent. Kou Zhen lifted the curtain. On the main seat of the tent sat a man in black clothes, coughing. Ying Zhi suddenly couldn't walk any more. The summer wind blew across her face, her bun was a little loose, and her eyebrows and eyes were tired. Running for thousands of miles day and night. She got lost, she met refugees, she thought she had a disease, and she almost lost the map. My nose is so sour. Ying Zhi took two steps with difficulty and covered his face. Cen Yu's breathing stagnated and he stood up in a daze. Surprise, surprise, worry, only disbelief in the dark eyes. Zhi Zhi? He asked, "What are you doing here?" Perhaps his breath was unsteady, so his voice trembled slightly. Cen Yu bypassed the case and stepped forward, frowning between his actions, as if he were enduring something. Patter. Tears fell on his hands, his eyes were red, the tip of his nose was red, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive whiteboard for schools , and his mouth was flat, "Are you, are you, have an epidemic disease, you.." Patter, patter. Tears fell like beads on the back of his hand, his clear eyes were filled with tears, his eyes were choking, and his head was in a mess. You're still, pain in his heart, but as soon as he heard her speak, he somehow laughed, and the laughter came out through his chest, which was also dull. I'm not lying.
    "Cen Yu, like coaxing a child, patted Yingzhi on the back." Well, Jun Jun won't cry. I'm not suffering from an epidemic disease, but a little injury. " The man sent by King Shou to assassinate him did not succeed, but he was badly hurt. Cen Yu simply played the trick and pretended to be ing Zhi stopped his tears,smart board for conference room , swallowed, and reached out to pick up the bowl. The smell of bitterness and acrimony came to my nostrils. Cen Yu said gently, "Jun Jun has been running around for days. He must be tired. Why don't you.." 。

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