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    Not to be outdoncandle is no time to do, this is enough, lock the door, expressionless face picked up a cucumber squint carefully, this thorn,digital interactive whiteboard , the thought of stabbing in, nosebleed to come out. Liu Xiaolong is still very calm, except for the goose bumps on his neck, he is not afraid, as if he still remembers that time, an unforgettable one. Yan Qing put down the cucumber, Yin smiled in the past to tie up the man's limbs, then pushed aside his shirt, and stroked his chest wantonly like a work of art. This boy has a good figure, and his chest muscles are too elastic. Um. Don't touch it! The man frowned painfully, and his body,smart board interactive whiteboard , which had not been vented for a long time, was so sensitive that he reacted strongly just by being stared at. As his fingertips slid to his lower abdomen, he was even more horny. He whispered, "Yan Qing.." "Tut, tut, the so-called skin is like congealed fat, how can it be used on you?" Look, a little hard press, will be red, play heart big, hand along the belt, through the thin material to press down, but not to try to ease the bitterness of the other side, not to give him cool. To this, Liu Xiaolong does not know whether to laugh or cry, in the heart deep sigh: "a little while still have a meeting to want to open, you hurry up!" Closed room, only two people's breath, the picture is too weird, the woman seems to be color heart atmosphere, constantly flirting, touch screen whiteboard ,4k smart board , but only the parties know that the next is not a man to bear. Yan Qing played enough, a pull off the belt, cold to the man some speechless expression, even if he is the Jade Emperor, this moment, also can not think of her back, two or three back pants, in the see should not see, or some embarrassment, swallow saliva, with appreciative eyes can not leave. Inkstone greend, and his face,interactive boards for classrooms , which had subverted reincarnation, was even more deformed. A thin layer of sweat on his forehead was connecting at a slow speed. In a short while, it became a bean-sized water particle sliding into the auricle. His Adam's apple rolled so that his voice was hoarse: "You.." Enough No 。

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