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    I have been practicing alone
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    But in the fantasy, many details can be easily hidden, can not see what, it is better to quickly complete the registration, find a place to practice hard. Li Yao came to a girl with a double ponytail. The young girl is facing the direction of Mo Tianshui with peach blossoms in her eyes: "Elder Martial Brother Mo is still so handsome.". Come to me to sign up, come on! The girl, named Xie Anan, is a freshman in the refining department of Feixing University. Take advantage of the holiday. He was arranged by the teacher to serve as a staff member at the Kongshan Sword Conference. This is also the tradition of Feixing University. In this way, freshmen can get close contact with the refining masters of various schools, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge. Mo Tianshui is the big brother of the refining department of Feixing University, the man of the hour on campus, and has been contested by six sects before graduation. But he chose none of them. Must through the empty mountain on the sword to prove their strength, in this way directly into the three crystal armor refining center of the core project! Xie Anan knew that Brother Mo would come to sign up. But every year, more than 100,000 people sign up for Kongshan Lunjian, so hundreds of virtual registration points have been set up on Lingwang, and the applicants log on to Lingwang. They will be diverted to different registration points. Unexpectedly, Elder Martial Brother Mo really came to his registration point. Xie Anfang's heart was beating wildly and her brain was in a mess. She wished she could directly turn into a female cat and jump on this handsome and powerful Elder Martial Brother. However The dream is very beautiful,86 smart board , the reality is very cruel, standing in front of her is not Yushu Linfeng's brother Mo, but a young man with some white skin, slightly sunken eyes are quite deep. But the hair is as messy as a bird's nest, and there is a lack of sleep, a second of yawning style. But it completely destroyed the image. Xie An calmed down,75 smart board , these staff members have received professional training, of course, will not make the mistake of judging people by their appearance, not to mention in the fantasy of Taixu, it may not be the real image of others! A light smile immediately appeared on Xie Anan's face and asked the applicant to fill in the basic information. Li Yao. Born in the border of Xinghai, his parents died when he was young. I have been practicing alone in the ruins of the ancient battlefield. I have been instructed by a strange man. Now I am an alchemist in the Great Horn Armor Division. This information is really simple enough. However, in the realm of cultivation, heroes are not judged by their origins. As long as they are innocent, they can make their way freely. The Bighorn Armor Division is also a little famous recently. Whether it really comes from Bighorn will be clear after investigation. Xie Anan said with a smile, "Li Daoyou, there is no problem with your information, but there are hundreds of thousands of players who sign up for Kongshan Lunjian every year. We can't invite everyone to Kongshan to participate in actual combat, so we have to arrange a test in advance. I hope you can understand." "The test is very simple. The hall is surrounded by test rooms. After a while, classroom interactive whiteboard ,smartboards for business , you will enter the No.11 test room, where 300 kinds of melee magic weapons will fall from the sky." "The power of these three hundred kinds of melee magic weapons is strong and weak, and what you have to do is to find out the ten most powerful ones in one minute." "If you correctly identify the ten most powerful melee magic weapons, you will directly get an invitation to Kongshan Lunjian." "If the final answer is not correct, it doesn't matter. We will accumulate the power of the magic weapon you have found. As long as the power of the magic weapon you have found is accumulated to the top 3,000 of all the applicants, you can also get an invitation later." "Is there a problem?" Li Yao shook his head and walked to the No.11 test room. Xie Anan once again cast his affectionate eyes on Elder Martial Brother Mo, bumping into the deer on his chest. Elder Martial Brother Mo is so handsome, so refined, so natural and unrestrained. He really looks like an ancient swordsmith who came down from the picture scroll forty thousand years ago! At that moment, she suddenly seemed to be struck by lightning, her hair exploded and her eyes were fixed.
    What did I say just now? A minute? Or ten minutes! It's over. I should say ten minutes, right? How can it be possible to pick out the ten most powerful magic weapons from three hundred in one minute? "Never mind, never mind, there is a countdown prompt in the test room, even a stupid alchemist should know that the test time is ten minutes!" As she mumbled, Li Yao yawned and came out of the test room with a calm face. Xie Anan's little face suddenly wrinkled into a ball, looked at the side of the test monitoring light curtain, this fool only used 55 seconds! "Finished, let the same applicant to participate in the second test, need a higher level of authority, this will be scolded by the teacher!" Xie Anan sticks out his tongue and is about to apologize, his expression solidifies again, and a big duck egg can be stuffed directly into his mouth. On the monitoring light screen, Li Yao's test results were displayed. The ten most powerful magic weapons, all locked, are No.14, No.56, No.9, No.267.. "The correct rate is 100%, pass on the spot!" Chapter 482 the end must be a farewell. Xie Anan carefully blinked his eyes, confirmed that he was not wrong, the heart set off a storm! She knew that although these three hundred melee magic weapon structures were all common magic weapons on the market, well-trained alchemists were familiar with their structures and even remembered their standard destructive power. However, in the three crystal armor refining centers, those crafty refining masters have set a small trap in them! They have made very minor changes to the structure of 28 magic weapons, 13 of which have increased their power by 10%, while the other 15 have decreased to varying degrees! In the past few days, Xie Anan has seen hundreds of senior alchemists fall into this trap! In one minute, this guy actually saw through the trap and found ten correct magic weapon structures? How is that possible! Xie Anan carefully looked at Li Yao's analysis results,65 inch smart board , eyes more and more dull, surprised expression more and more strong! She found that the order in which Li Yao locked the ten structural drawings was completely arranged from big to small according to the standard destructive power of the magic weapon! That is to say, he just glanced at the structure diagram and accurately calculated the power of each magic weapon! How incredible it is!.
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