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    Doomsday Talk "Doomsday
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    "There are too many people." "Oh, this silly boy." "Hehehe." I laughed a few times, and there was a faint cry over there, but it didn't seem very discordant. Call me if you want to go to the city one day. This is my phone number. Don't let anyone know. Call me now and I'll save your number. I took the note with his phone number, pressed the numbers on my phone, and then pressed the dial out button, and there came the "beep beep" sound from his pocket, the oldest kind of phone ring. He took the mobile phone out of his pocket, which was also a very simple style. I watched him save my number, and now I don't believe that this man will help me much, because I live in the village and he is in the city. After a while, we left separately. The death of Uncle Zhu next door did not have a great impact on my life. I did not need the help of a young neighbor in his twenties. The old and experienced people in the village would take charge of these matters. I went home and released the flock of sheep. When I went out, Xiaohei stayed at home obediently, because the sheep were a little big now, and we were all a little worried that there would be thieves. When people were not paying attention, he took a few large oil drums of sheep dung into the valley, then took a few farm tools from the house and threw them in,digital signage screen , and then drove the sheep to the mountains. Some of my sheep have grown quite strong. They are all left over from the earliest batch, and some have changed hands from the widow Cheng. Another batch of sheep will grow up this winter, and I should have a lot of income at that time. Or put the sheep on the hill, and then give Xiaohei the job of looking after the sheep, and find a place with more trees to go into the valley. The space in the valley is still limited. The paddy fields opened last time have occupied most of the land here. The rest is the land planted with herbs, as well as a wooden house and a pool. The water in the pool was left out along the ditch,Interactive digital signage , forming a thin stream, but I could not know where the stream was going. The front seemed to be full of fog. I knew I could not pass through the fog. Every sense of my body told me so. I fertilized the rice fields that had been turned over, and then slowly raked them with an iron rake, twice back and forth, which was a little easier than turning them over. A rainy night I have been busy planting rice in the valley these days, from seedling preparation to transplanting, I have been busy for a long time. Xiaohei watched the sheep on the mountain every day. He was really bored. Every time I went into the valley, he whined and looked very pitiful. Work during the day, turn on the TV at night to watch the news and TV series, and then go to bed early. The news said that D and North M were suffering from pests and diseases recently, and that M and a, two of the world's five largest grain exporting countries, face recognition identification ,face detection android , suffered particularly serious losses. M country has also experienced the worst drought in recent years. Not only has the irrigation of crops become a big problem, but also some insects that have no natural enemies in the local area are breeding freely in this arid climate, such as longicorn beetles. Locals believe that the insects were brought from Y continent, and this disaster has greatly deepened the prejudice of M people against Y continent people. But these are the prices that have to be paid for the increasing frequency of world trade. You can import what you need, and naturally you will accidentally bring something inappropriate. As one of the largest food exporters in the world, M is under attack, and even some hostile countries will not have any schadenfreude, because food is needed by all people. As the last of the five largest grain exporting countries in the world, country a in D continent has contributed a lot to the world's grain trade, but the abnormal climate in recent years is also very serious. The western grasslands, which were supposed to have a dry season from May to October, entered early in February. A long period of drought has caused serious desertification in the central and western regions, and a large-scale locust disaster has occurred in the southeastern region, which is undoubtedly worse. Relevant people believe that the agricultural market will shrink this year, and grain prices will rise to a certain extent.
    Countries that need large-scale imports every year to fill the domestic food gap will be severely hit. However, the current problems in our country are not bad, there are many grain reserves in our country, and the reserve indicators are not low everywhere. So even if the import of food is greatly reduced this year, there should be no famine problem. But I don't think so. I heard that the central plains and the north have begun to suffer from drought again. This time, the news did not say that, but all kinds of photos on the Internet circulated very quickly. Some people said that without this autumn, the price of grain would definitely rise by a large margin, and maybe they would not even be able to buy it. Some people are convinced of this, so some businesses began to store grain, the warehouse is full of grain is not out to sell. As a result, the grain market has been in chaos recently. Obviously, it is not the time to run out of grain, but our own people have started to play tricks first. But there are also a large number of people who believe that this is some speculative businessmen who want to take the opportunity to raise grain prices. In recent years, the country has been stirred up by these people. As long as they speculate, everything has to follow the price increase. The common people are really suffering. Is it time to fry grain now? Let them cook. Don't cook yourself. The state has cracked down on some merchants who hoard grain and raise prices, but it has not achieved the effect of killing the chicken to warn the monkey. The behavior of merchants hoarding grain has not been completely eradicated, but more and more people have followed the trend. This society has been experiencing all kinds of rumors, for a long time, people in the spread of rumors at the same time, they have not been very serious. So, now everyone is saying that they are going to run out of food, but in fact, few people really believe the news in their hearts. We all believe that this is just a small episode in life,information kiosk price , after a while it will be all right, but when we recall this matter, we can still use the tone of a joke.
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