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    the river embankment
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    The magpie bit her lip and rubbed her clothes slowly. Just when Lin Chen thought she didn't dare and had to say a few more words of advice, the magpie threw her clothes down and said ferociously, "OK, I'll tell everyone!" So straightforward? Lin Chen is quite surprised, after all, the magpie has always opposed the season four in the county to make a living, although outgoing and cheerful, but not particularly bold people. Magpie saw her eyes, but also a little embarrassed, whispered: "So many people, you can not always take out the food.". Last time I went to see Xiao Si and Yurong, they lost weight again, and Yurong was ill. If Xiao Si hadn't been able to borrow money, he would have lost his life. Now we still owe everyone a debt, alas. Poverty leads to thinking of change. The magpie was frightened by Ji Yurong's illness, and it was time to think of change. With her perking up and taking the initiative, and with the help of Yuhong's daughter-in-law, the woman from Jicun was soon persuaded to try with Lin Chen. In the end, there were six people who stayed behind to finish their common work. Because they had no capital, the stall was not set up first. They all followed Lin Chen to the shop in the city that specialized in this business. They bought small things such as needlework, oil and rags on credit and sold them to the surrounding villages. A few villages ran down, so there was no need for credit, and there were more things to buy. Oil, salt, sauce,temperature check kiosk , vinegar and so on can be bought in the countryside, while collecting eggs, fruits and vegetables from the countryside and selling them in the city. It was hard to avoid a disturbance in the middle, but it didn't make a big deal. Ji Si found a few of the strongest men to support them. The scoundrels in the village bullied the weak and feared the strong. Knowing that there were countless civilian workers behind them, they immediately became weak. By the time spring had passed, the omelet stands in Jicun were already open, and their small group was expanding rapidly. Although there are many people, there is not so much business to share, but there are many things to do. Lin Chen organized a group of people to go to the city to collect clothes, sew and starch. In the past,temperature screening kiosk , these people did their own work and went alone. They could not collect clothes to wash at all. How could they trust them? So they could only receive sporadic sewing work. Now it has become a scale, some people specialize in collecting clothes, some people specialize in starching and sewing. The guests asked where they came from and pointed to the other side of the riverbank. They were all women who had been recruited to cook and wash clothes. The officers and soldiers lived in the same place, and it was very convenient to find someone. Those families who have spare money, as well as shops specializing in collecting old clothes, are very willing to do the work for them. There are all kinds of food stalls, snacks, as long as you can get involved, Lin Chen do not mind, earn a money is one. Earned money, Lin Chen decided to share equally with the women who stayed to work, and everyone had some spare money in their hands. Those who came alone often saved and brought them home, while women with families working on the embankment changed their food and sent it to the men. Lin Chen is actually a little selfish, she really does not want to wash clothes. Now she had finally fulfilled her wish, and after everything was on track, she had a lot of leisure, and by taking the opportunity to earn money outside, touch screen kiosk ,interactive whiteboard prices , she had the mind to think about her task. Out of Jicun, she saw the situation outside with her own eyes, and she had a deeper understanding of the Dynasty whose name was Wan. Although Jiangyang City, where they earn money now, is not a provincial capital, it is also a second-class prosperous city. It is easy to make money if you have brains. But Lin Chen took people to run in the countryside and clearly saw the difficulty of making a living in the countryside. Although the goods they brought could be sold, they were all necessities, and they had to run all over the surrounding villages before they could be sold clean. The women who came to buy from the village were also slightly better off, and more people could only watch. Later Lin Chen has focused on the city, and even other counties, the countryside only to receive goods, not to sell goods. Some people even came to ask them if they wanted to buy children, and they even brought their daughters over directly, as long as they exchanged food. Lin Chen inquired that this was the result of the failure of this section of the river embankment last year. Now Jisi's job is only to raise and reinforce the river embankment. Walking down the river, that area is really miserable. I heard that after the flood, people can't live there yet. The nearby cities can't accommodate so many refugees. The relief from the court is not enough. Those who are lucky enough to survive have to go to distant places to beg for food. I'm afraid the bones can't return home. In this world, she wants to let Jicun develop, which is really a dream. Even if she burns glass to make a mercury mirror, I'm afraid it will be snatched by the powerful. Even if the rich and powerful do not rob, do not know which day someone rebelled, a fire will be burned clean.
    Therefore, Lin Chen can only think of change when he is poor. To make Jicun rich, we must make the country develop steadily; to make the country develop steadily, there are only two ways. She organized her thoughts in her mind, "One is myself, or find an agent to climb all the way up, climb to the position where she can make decisions, and make drastic changes." On this road, she even thought about it and felt that she had a toothache and got inflamed. It was difficult for her to go to her grandmother's house. Not to mention whether she can find such a talented agent, even if there is, the dilapidated house of the Dayuan Dynasty can not be refreshed, can only be repaired, barely maintained. When the wind blows, it will fall, and when the wind blows, no one knows. Maybe there will be a disaster in the sky, that is, the breeze at the end of the duckweed will blow the broken house to pieces sooner or later. So there's only one other way. Lin Chen sighed, opened the interface with Ji Si, and called him: "Ji Yuliang, let's rebel." There was a strange blank, no ellipses, and I didn't know if he was busy or sleeping, but I didn't see it. Lin Chen was about to close the interface and wait, when he saw a huge smiling face of ecstasy floating over there, adding a handshake expression-needless to say, the system took the initiative to add it. We really have a tacit understanding! Ji Si replied to her. Lin Chen was as dumb as a wooden chicken. No, wait, just leave me alone. You want to rebel, too? Lin Chen was confused. Why didn't she find out that the boy still had anti-bone. Although Ji Xiaosi seemed to her full of the talent of the leader of the ancient peasant uprising, she really didn't think he had the idea of rebellion now. After all, he is only seventeen! Apart from being a river worker this time, the farthest place I have ever been is Nanxian County. After all, Jicun's life can go on, after all, when the civilian life is managed by him,touch screen digital signage , after all, Dayuan has not had a sweeping uprising, only the peasants around the country who have been extinguished are extremely hungry to resist.
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