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    Desperate Valley - A paradise _txt novel ...
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    The four supreme naturally shocked, it is impossible to let him succeed, otherwie broken fingers flew up. In this place, the emperor's blood was spattered everywhere, the world was misty and scarlet,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox , and it was extremely tragic. Ye Fan's hair was dishevelled, and his own blood was splashed, but he seemed to be possessed by the devil, and he had no feeling, but only indifference, killing all sides! At this moment, Ye Fan is invincible, possessed and crazy, killing until the blood boils, everything is left behind, there is only boundless war. He's invincible! If he rushed to the front with an arrow,brushless gear motor , several other people followed him side by side and fought against the Supreme. Fairy grandmother, spirit emperor and so on all shed blood, suffered different wounds, they unexpectedly difficult to beat the edge of a few people, in the momentum of a little weaker. For them, y is predestined with me." A fat Taoist priest appeared with a red face. Duan De, an immoral Taoist priest, also arrived, which made people dare not despise him, because above his head, there was a magic pot that swallowed the sky, releasing the breath of terror. If you look closely, 12v High Torque Motor ,Low Rpm Electric Motor , he is somewhat different, there is a mark between the eyebrows, mysterious and incomparable, just like the emergence of immortal plunder, and like a world in reincarnation. No one thought that his arrival suddenly affected the war situation, did not make a move, but let a person in the battlefield turn pale with fright, body shock. It's you, it's you! The corpse emperor shouer of Taoism.
    According to legend, he and Emperor Zun were both teachers and friends, and he was one of the most mysterious people in ancient times. Boom! Ye Fan is like a killing God, his eyes open and close, cold electricity flies, he is not in a daze, cold and heartless, soaring into the air, the lineus seal, controls the time, the right hand is the Heaven Emperor Fist, bombards all blocks. Suddenly, Komatsu whispered, "Master, take the sword!" Have to say. Komatsu means,24v Gear Motor , he picked a fairy sword from the incomplete first kill array, passed to Ye Fan, flowing misty blood. With a murderous look.

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