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    In her first years of love, she has not even a competitor around her, there are only brainless maids, strict teachers, from time to time to brainwash and mention that they must repay their kindness to the adoptive father and the adoptive mother who specializes in playing the emotional card. Understand their own special sexual orientation of the time at a loss, panic, fear of entanglement, pain, all of their own a person silently swallowed down, buried in the heart. I didn't expect to meet the same kind after I was sent out. Finally, he emphasized that he was not so hungry when he met the same kind. After waiting for several days, he made sure that Shen Jingshu's appearance, figure, temper and personality were too right for his own taste. He came to confess after he was completely moved. Li Shurao smiled back and winked niftily at Mu Qiu and Zeng Yuchan. Of course, I won't embarrass Sister Shen. I'll make you like me. "You introduced yourself and assured the cicadas, but you seem to have missed me." Han Shaojun suddenly opened his mouth, and the meaning of refusal in his words directly made Li Shurao freeze in place. He looked at Han Shaojun bluntly with incredible eyes. Take a little, do not believe that some people will refuse their shock and fear. She is excellent, and she knows that her appearance, figure and talent are all chosen by thousands of people. If she is not good enough, she will not stand to the end. Excluding these external reasons, she did not think that Shen Jingshu would not accept herself. They are such a few, a few people can meet in a harem,white marble mosaic , this is how great fate! Moreover, she obviously likes her, she exaggerates her dance, her earnest, she understands herself! Shen Jingshu first attracted her, is that a compliment, she is really love dance. In the face of their eye-catching appearance. They can also praise and affirm their talents that they care more about. Compared with the distracted emperor next to her, Li Shurao affirmed in her heart that there was nothing wrong with her love for women. To sum up so many points, finally look around Shen Jingshu has more than one situation,pietra gray marble , plus their own, what will be the problem? Are you too abrupt? Too forward? Or myself. It's so annoying. When I first saw you.. I didn't see anything clearly. Han Shaojun recalled the past with a smile, and even calmed down with Li Shurao. Especially in the second half of the sentence, people can't help being happy when they say it. At that time, two people separated by half of the lake, Li Shurao or dancing behind the gauze, can only see the figure, naturally nothing is seen clearly. But your dancing is really good. I can see the soul burning in your dance. The words are very disgusting, but they can express Li Shurao's dancing skills. People who appreciate dance must have artistic accomplishment to understand it. Otherwise, you can only see a good-looking or not good-looking answer. The more difficult your movements are, the more beautiful they are, which is similar to watching acrobatics. Can really reach a certain level of artists, her dance can bring the whole person into your body narrative emotions. Even if it is a simple show-off action, you can feel her excitement and pride. Li Shurao is still one step away from this level, but compared with her age and how busy she is, it is already quite remarkable. In the future, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Calacatta Nano Glass , if you concentrate on this way, your achievements will not be under the moon. So, I'm admiring you, admiring the dancer, okay? He's never the type to see one and love one. It is not the habit that a beautiful woman takes the initiative to throw herself into her arms and take it immediately. Otherwise, with his status and strength in his previous life, he would definitely have more than five wives. At least three thousand in the harem. You have to use a list to figure it out. This generation of paper, the environment is different, his side of the situation is quite a bit, casual everywhere, can go to any step at will. Anyway, I can't get out of the palace. I don't ask for consequences, just follow my heart. Yu Ya and Sun Yiyue were basically the same as Ming said, and Mu Qiu and Zeng Yuchan were in a hazy state. Four people are a chance to walk together, they all have their own favorite place, time and events to promote, slowly the relationship is getting better and better. Empress.. It belongs to the goddess and is not within the scope of evaluation for the time being. Li Shurao, from the very beginning, was the chess piece that was used. Han Shaojun in the heart of the proper arrangement of her follow-up, not very much in mind.
    For her dance, it is a sincere praise, just like the praise of artists, with admiration and appreciation. Also limited to this, for this twist of a kiss, although he dark cool, but also a real accident, and now can not accept. Li Shu Rao was stupefied for a long time, but fortunately, her IQ reached the standard, and soon understood Han Shaojun's meaningful and unfinished words. Pull yourself together again. You're right. You only saw my dance. Everything takes time. Raised a big smile, saluted the three men, and left the room with high spirits. The breeze brought up her hair, her steps drove her earrings and steps, and when she stepped on the threshold, she subconsciously took a little dance posture, raised the skirt embroidered with layers of peony, and the whole person's deportment and movements were unconsciously adjusted to a pleasant point. It does not exceed the ethical code, but also has the beauty of the rhythm of a little dance. Although this kind of movement has been deliberately trained, it is completely unconscious and instinctive for people to do it now. Others who want to imitate others have to see if they have the talent to dance. As soon as the "uninvited guest" left, the atmosphere in the room was a little awkward. As I said before, they are in an ambiguous period. Jing Shu. Mu Qiu spoke first. We're sisters, right? Yes, we are friends and sisters, and the friendship between us is independent of anything. Anything, anyone. This is after the fall of the lotus imperial concubine, they get together, led by Yi Yue, made a promise. No paper and pen contract, no swearing to heaven, just a word, put in the heart is enough. Han Shaojun estimated that this was a euphemistic expression that they would not go beyond the limits,Slate Wall Panel , and that he, who had always respected women, certainly did not have this opinion. It's just that there are still some regrets in my heart.
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